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When Steffani inquired about a maternity photography shoot in Hawaii, we talked about a few ideas that would be best suited for both her and Alfredo. I realized a street urban feel would be best suited for these two, since they are not your traditional photography kinda couple :-).  We decided to do the maternity/couple photography downtown and it was awesome! Steffani was almost 37 weeks pregnant when we did this photoshoot, so I wasn’t sure how far we I could “push” her without pushing out that baby! LOL. Luckily, she is pretty athletic and was in great shape even at 37 weeks pregnant. She was a total sport for getting up trucks, laying down, climbing stairs and walking for a bit, which made for some awesome and fun photographs. My style is pretty non-traditional, so I opt for some crazy things and locations:-) This couple came stylin’ to the photo shoot, sporting the GUCCI sunglasses and JIMMY CHOO bag, I came with my camera and snapped these two together!

We walked around for a bit and by the end, Steffani’s feet were uh……super swollen. YIKES. They both were super cool and a fun couple to shoot. While her baby was officially due next Tuesday ( 5/24/11), she gave birth exactly one week after this photo shoot to a beautiful baby girl, so a little over 2 weeks early. Congrats Steffani and Alfredo on your new baby!

urban street maternity photographyPINIMAGE

urban maternity photography shootPINIMAGE

fun maternity photography non traditionalPINIMAGE

honolulu street maternity photographyPINIMAGE

gayla elizabeth urban street maternity photographyPINIMAGE

fun casual pregnant maternity photographer in hawaiiPINIMAGE

different and fun hawaii maternity photographyPINIMAGE

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happy hawaii couple photography honoluluPINIMAGE

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honolulu maternity photography downtownPINIMAGE

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honolulu artistic maternity couple photographyPINIMAGE

honolulu hawaii fashion maternity photographer gayla elizabethPINIMAGE

hawaii fashion style urban street photographyPINIMAGE

hawaii gucci jimmy choo maternity photosPINIMAGE

urban fashion edgy street maternity couple hawaii photographyPINIMAGE

honolulu hawaii edgy couple photography gayla elizabethPINIMAGE

street urban fashion hawaii maternity pregnant photographyPINIMAGE

  • Camille Edwards - I really enjoyed looking at these photos, Good Job!! Congratulation to the couple on the birth of their baby girl : )

  • Tessa - I absolutely loved the locations you chose for this shoot. It’s filled with such interesting textures and colors.

  • Stephen Beckman - Super cute! Esp. like the last one and the boom box. Very cute couple and some neat moments between them.

    Light, color, gesture.

It was a warm and sunny day as Erik and the boys pulled up to Central Union Church in Honolulu on May 1st. Looking excited, he stepped out of the white limo, followed by his 2 good looking brothers and 3 ADORABLE little heartbreakers. OMG, those little boys were just too cute! Erik anxiously walked into the groom’s room and awaited his soon to be wife arrive. Shortly thereafter, Tricia shows up looking gorgeous as ever with the accompany of her “blue” entourage. Sister, Lila quickly tucked her baby sister in the bride’s room where she began to get ready for her big moment. Once settled in, Tricia was all smiles and you could feel the happiness she was feeling. Once it became official, the smiles and joy were everywhere. It was then off to the Hale Koa hotel in Waikiki for the wedding reception.

It was a beautiful day. The weather was gorgeous as Erik and Tricia became one. Oddly enough, the very next day the island was hit with major lightning and thunderstorms. In fact, there were a few funnel clouds that were present on the island, which resemble that of a tornado. Shortly after, the island was drenched with rain. It came down in truckloads. Massive, massive, massive rain.  So, I’m so glad that Tricia and Erik were blessed with a beautiful day to start their lives together. You can see their engagement pics by clicking here.

Here are some pics as well as a slide show at the end of the post. Enjoy!

hawaii wedding dressPINIMAGE wedding details veil PINIMAGE

mother son wedding momentPINIMAGE

hawaii wedding groom portraitsPINIMAGE lifestyle hawaii groomsmen photographyPINIMAGE wedding bride portraits in gownPINIMAGE blue wedding shoesPINIMAGE hawaii getting ready wedding photosPINIMAGE wedding flower bridal bouquetPINIMAGE bridesmaids watching bride get readyPINIMAGE relaxed lifestyle wedding portraits before ceremonyPINIMAGE hawaiian ring bearers for weddingPINIMAGE hawaiian wedding flower girlsPINIMAGE ring bearers awaiting bride peek a booPINIMAGE father and bride walking down aislePINIMAGE central union church honolulu weddingPINIMAGE fun bride with ring bearers and children portraitsPINIMAGE romantic bride and groom portraits in honoluluPINIMAGE hawaiian mother and daughter wedding portraitPINIMAGE relaxed hale koa wedding portraits bride and groomPINIMAGE waikiki hale koa hotel wedding photographyPINIMAGE hale koa wedding banyan tree bride and groom portraitsPINIMAGE waikiki hawaii hale koa wedding bride and groomPINIMAGE lifestyle hawaiian bride and bridesmaidsPINIMAGE wedding details flower blue orchids and favorsPINIMAGE fun child photos in tuxedos at weddingPINIMAGE father and groom wedding candid lifestylePINIMAGE romantic wedding ring first dancePINIMAGE hawaiian wedding first dance of bride and groom hale koaPINIMAGE

See a slideshow below by clicking play on the lower left corner:

  • della - How much more beauty can there be for the bride, she is just absolutely gorgeous,
    definitely “front cover of the bridal magazine”. Lila’s happiness glowed , and the mother kissing her daughter is just precious. Loved it all, …….fantastic photos….Mom

  • Tricia - We just watched the slide show…and I’m in tears. The pictures are amazing. I love all of them and can’t wait to put them up all over the house :)Thank you again for EVERYTHING! <3<3

  • aunty ;paulyne - I just love those blue shoes, that was awesome, and the color shades of blue for her bridesmaids, what a fantastic idea, and to top it off, the bride couldn’t be more beautiful. I must say Honeygirl, you are a super extraordinary photographer, your pictures are super great. Love you, aunty paulyne

  • Luvi Lewis - Oh my God Honeygirl, I am so impressed with your photos, I knew you were good, but what I just viewed, it is breathless. How you captured the bride glowing, and her shoes that was just so neat, to top it off with the bridesmaids shades of blue. I can’t pick a favorite, cause I like them all. Beautiful bride and handsome groom. Great job Honeygirl, and I am proud of you….Aunty Luvi

  • Aunty Bon - That was awesome! Now we can relive that beautiful day over and over again with the great photos captured by such a wonderful artist. Thank you Honey Girl for a job well done. You do such amazing work.
    Love, Aunty Bon

  • Laura - Great photos Gayla. I love your work and how real it is. I always feel like I was there through your photographs. This wedding is so colorful and happy. I love the blue, the bride looks so happy and in love. Keep up the great work, you are a true talent!

  • Mama Goose - Amazingly Beautiful Wedding Couple and Photography work! Love the Cinderella Gown!!! Congratulations Tricia!!! And Great Job Honeygirl!

  • Mama Goose - Amazingly%20Beautiful%20Wedding%20Couple%20and%20Photography%20work!%20%20Love%20the%20Cinderella%20Gown!!!%20%20Congratulations%20Tricia!!!%20%20And%20Great%20Job%20Honeygirl!


  • ILEAN - Honeygirl, what beautiful pictures, all look so natural, relaxed and candid. The bride is so beautiful, she is more pretty than those movie stars, I assumed that was the bride’s mother kissing her, well she looks more like her sister, you can see where she got her good looks from……. The music, song just fits ….love Aunty Ilean

  • Don and Mardelle Duncan - Congratulations Tricia and Erik! We are very happy for you! We wish you a lifetime of happiness! Please say hello to your mom and Rick for us. They look great also! Don and Mardelle

I got a call yesterday from my mom in Hawaii with sheer excitement as she opened “Hawaii’s Favorite Newspaper”‘; Midweek and saw an article about our awesome event. They published a photo I had taken of my brother David and little Maile on a wave they were riding at White Plains Beach, HI. Reporter Ron Mizutani from KHON news, Hawaii had spoken to me the day after our event and wrote an article that appeared in yesterday’s printed copy. You can view the article by clicking here.

KHON had planned to bring out a reporter to cover the inaugural They Will Surf Again program from Life Rolls On at the beach.  However, they were unable to make it out due to a few fatalities and news breaking events that occurred on the island that weekend. I spoke with Ron and he summarizes it well in his article. I am still riding on that high and so thankful to all those that participated and made Life Rolls On first visit to the islands a HUGE SUCCESS. Mahalo again to all.

midweek surf dreams for MailePINIMAGE

  • kawika - Love that picture. What a blessed day we had. Thank you, Gayla and all of the volunteers that made Maile’s and all of the other participants dream a reality. Life Rolls On for people that have spinal cord problems is true to their name. Mahalo Nui Loa!!!

  • Tessa - This article was wonderful to read. Congratulations on the success of this even going to Hawaii. Seeing children like Maile fulfilling a dream makes me feel hopeful and excited for the future.

Life Rolls On is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people affected with spinal cord injury. Founded by paralyzed surfer Jesse Billauer, LRO continues to push the possibilities through their amazing events. After attending my first They Will Surf Again last September, I felt it would be great to have an event back home in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Home of gorgeous beaches and tons of aloha. I took on being the event leader for They Will Surf Again – Hawaii and was focused on making their first trip to Hawaii a successful one. It started with pulling permits, which was done by my mother and was quite the challenge. Thank you to the US Navy for allowing us access to White Plains beach. Once that was done, it was off to plan the fundraiser and event itself. Whoa… that was a bit challenging since I have ZERO experience with event planning or fundraising, so this was completely new to me.  I started by doing a little video on my niece Maile ( you can watch it by  clicking here) followed by numerous emails, calls, texts and messages. I emailed all my friends, colleagues and businesses that I thought could be of assistance. I reached out to many people and was able to connect with quite a few people and companies willing to participate and assist in making this event a successful one. I personally walked into all the local hospitals, rehab centers and surf shops dropping off flyers with my darling little niece Maile surfing. The response was incredible. I called Noel Pietsch, one of the partners from Wahoo’s Kahala in hopes of hosting our fundraiser there. And, that’s where we held it on Friday 4/29/11.  We had over 70 prizes ranging from $25 to over $700 in value. Some of the prizes included an autographed surfboard from the cast of Hawaii 5-0, a Las Vegas package with travel and hotel accomodations, local goodies, gift certificates, board shorts, bags, hats, t-shirts, sanuk slippers, sports memorabilia and so much more! It was awesome.  We had a great crowd and as tired as I was, I could not fall asleep with the anticipation of the actual They Will Surf Again event.

Saturday 4/30/11 was surf day at the beach and the weather was PERFECT. I felt so proud to be apart of a wonderful organization and to see the event finally come together was magical for me. Plain and simple. I have poured my heart and soul into this project and to see it come together so beautifully was incredibly rewarding and gratifying. Upon arriving to White Plains beach, I took a moment to soak it all in and say a little thank you prayer for allowing me to be apart of such a great day. I then grabbed my gear and started shooting away. Thank you Aunty Miki and Aunty Nif for assisting me throughout the day and following me around with my cameras.:-)

Once everyone checked in, they went to their designated areas for a team meeting held by awesome land leaders: Robin, Joann, Quynh and Tina. Once briefed everyone got together for a beautiful prayer and blessing by our Kahu, Manu; who blew his conch shell to open our day and bless everyone. Two of the youngest surfers; Hunter, age 5 and Maile, age 4 were amongst the first to hit the waves. Both children were born with spina bifida and are unable to walk… however, fully capable of surfing!

Breakfast was provided by Leonard’s Bakery, Ba-Le, Starbucks. Yeah, malasadas is king! LOL  Drinks provided by Function Water and Lulu’s Waikiki. Lunch provided by Lulu’s Waikiki, Duke’s Waikiki and Panda Express. Blessing of the beach by kahu Manu Mook, music provided by Local Uprising. My family was instrumental in assisting me make this a huge success, including many of my friends, colleagues and local businesses throughout the local community. This event would not have been possible without all the support from many, so thank you everyone for helping me make Life Rolls On first trip to Hawaii a success. The support and love I’ve gotten was overwhelming and so appreciated. MAHALO.

Some of our sponsors were: Ty Gurney Surf School, Hyatt Regency Waikiki, US Navy, Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino Las VegasHawaiian Island Creations, Star Beach BoysWahoo’s Kahala, Barefoot League, High Status Hawaii, Jams World, Surf N Sea, Tanioka’s, Rainbow Drive Inn, Augie T,  Laird Hamilton, Roy’s Restaurant, Walmart, Target, McDonalds, Franco HarrisKurt Suzuki, Shane Victorino, Access Surf, Rehab of the PacificPretty Sweet Custom Cakes,  Hypersquad Dance Company, My2 Fish custom cards, artist Luvi Lewis, Mana Kai Beach resort, Trader Joe’s, Rudy’s Flower Shop, Hawaii Photo Rental, Sanuk Slippers and more.

A big mahalo to all the volunteers who came out and helped. Everyone was instrumental and key to making this They Will Surf Again a great one. On behalf of Maile and my entire family…. MAHALO to all. Me Ke Aloha!!!

life rolls on flagsPINIMAGE wheelchair beachPINIMAGE jesse delmar paralyzed surferPINIMAGE life rolls on team meetingPINIMAGE hawaiian blessing of beach kahuPINIMAGE kahu manu mook hawaiian blessingPINIMAGE spina bifida child goes surfingPINIMAGE lro volunteersPINIMAGE spina bifida child surfsPINIMAGE life rolls on in hawaiiPINIMAGE hawaii beach father daughterPINIMAGE maile surfing with life rolls onPINIMAGE spina bifida child they will surf againPINIMAGE hawaii surfing keiki with spinal cord injuryPINIMAGE they will surf again hawaiiPINIMAGE life rolls on white plains 2011PINIMAGE lro they will surf again in hawaii richard julianPINIMAGE local uprisingPINIMAGE jesse billauerPINIMAGE panda express lunchPINIMAGE

wheelchair surfersPINIMAGE

paraplegic surfing with life rolls onPINIMAGE hawaii they will surf againPINIMAGE white plains beach hawaii lro volunteersPINIMAGE

paraplegic surfer in hawaii they will surf againPINIMAGE

they will surf again hawaii life rolls onPINIMAGE white plains beach life rolls on 2011PINIMAGE

life rolls on they will surf again hawaii 2011PINIMAGE

Please watch a little slideshow below by clicking play on the lower left corner……

  • Camille Edwards - Awesome pictures of this awesome day!!!!

  • mommy - There are no words for my expressing what I just viewed. Just a flow of tears,
    How EXTRAORDINARY the captivation of all…..Just amazing, how beautiful, needless to say, “Fantastic, wow-wow-wow, you are the greatest photographer, and I can vouch it
    after all—–I am the photographer’s mother….I LOVE YOU

  • Mama Goose - Ohhhhhhh My!!!!!

    That whuzzzzzz soooo AWESOME! Excitement, Anticipation, Soul searching, and life rewarding. As a volunteer, the entire experience of LRO TWSA Hawaii 2011 was incredibly humbling and heartwarming for me. The participants not only inspire me to help others, but the journey gave me the gift of pure joy.



    mama goose

  • Joyce Poe - I can hardly type for the tears. Thank you dear friend, for the joy of the occasion. You are amazing and I am grateful. Maile is so beautiful and you have captured her and Dave so beautifully.
    Love and hugs, dear one.

  • Joyce Poe - Okay, now I watched the video. WONDERFUL, and the music OMG. Thanks again. Much love and appreciation
    Grandma Joyce

  • Merv - Gayla: You did a tremendous job photographing everyone on the beach that day. I got to watch a true professional pro do her expertise shooting pictures. We all went to eat Filipino food on Tuesday and missed having you there since you had to fly out the day before. Congratulations on a super job emceeing at the Wahoo restaurant also. I am sure next year will be even better. Love, Uncle Merv.

  • JoAnn Inamasu - Great job in capturing a very special day for all of us! A beautiful day…spectacular event…with warm smiles all around us!

  • Petko - What an amazing event!!!!! Thank you so very much for all the love support from everyone who made this a reality this was such a blessing to be a part of and i am so looking forward to more events in the future it all came together in such a positive way ! it may have been some of the best surfing i have ever done and i dont think i stood up on one wave!!!i think i can say i now can say i understand the aloha spirit in such a diffrent way mahalo to all my hawii family!!!!!!!!God Bless

  • Petko - PS Gayla you are amazing and beyond talented and i swear im not jealous even a little bit

  • petko - Pss sorry for my lack of grammer Hawaii thank God i can Draw

  • Barbara Yasuhara - OMG! I love you for doing this!!! I am always so touched by your fusions too! Mahalo for making a huge difference in the lives of these children and people! Maile on the board is beyond words for me, I am touched beyond belief! YOU are my new hero!

  • Calvina - So dang proud of you, Gayla! Looks like it was a success!

  • John Hopkins - Just to be part of this event was so amazing and full filling and emotional. I am so grateful to be able to help all those wonderful people to surf again. can’t wait for the next one, which you can count on me to be there as one of the volunteers. Great photos and thank you for sharing. Love you, cousin John

Last night was our fundraiser at Wahoo’s where we gave out over 70 gifts from some of our sponsors including: Hawaii 5-0 Cast, Las Vegas Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, Franco Harris, Hyatt Waikiki, Hawaii Island Creations, Jams World, Surfline, Barefoot League, Laird Hamilton, Gabby Reece, High Status Clothing, Sanuk Slippers, Rainbow Drive Inn, Walmart, Target, Roy’s Restaurant, Tanioka’s, McDonalds, My2Fish custom cards, Kurt Suzuki, Shane Victorino, Surf n Sea, Zumba by Chelsea, Midas Touch Car Wash, Augie T, Mana Kai Beach Resort, Trader Joes, Luvi Lewis and many more.

I know many want to know about the autographed surfboard and the lucky winner was Neal Inamasu. Thank you all for your support!

drawing winner for surfboardPINIMAGE

  • mommy - Eh, lucky bugga….but happy for you brudda, love you, aunty Della

  • mama goose - CONGRATS!