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    This is supposed to be where you can keep up with some of my latest work and see images and projects I am working on. However, I need to improve on keeping this blog somewhat current. Sometimes it looks like my blog is withering off to Never Never Land. Posting images and writing blog content is NOT one of my strengths, so please forgive me for not keeping you all up to date. I am often in Honolulu and Los Angeles shooting for some amazing people, pets and organizations. Feel free to shoot me an email at 105,110,102,111,64,103,97,121,108,97,101,108,105,122,97,98,101,116,104,46,99,111,109,46.moc.htebazilealyag@ofni

    I love the artistry of photography and am ridiculously attracted to images that speak volumes with no text. I've photographed celebrities, entrepreneurs, artists, products, food, real estate, moms, dads, brides, grooms, babies, pets and more. If it exists, I will shoot it. Follow this blog for a mix of everything and feel free to visit my portfolio on the "official" photography site www.GaylaElizabeth.com.

Allie and Jeremy are getting married!

While these two grew up in the same Beverly Hills neighborhood, they never seen or heard of each other until mutual friends tried to set them up a while ago.  Jeremy was given Allie’s number but never called. dom.dom. dom…..It was only months later when Allie was at a party at the W Hotel when she met this guy… yup, it was Jeremy. It was only after a brief conversation and recalling his last name Weinstein that Allie realized he was the guy that never called! “Allegedly”, Jeremy never got her number from their mutual friends. ( I thought I’d use the legal term, since Allie is a lawyer! LOL. ) Funny thing was Allie said she wasn’t really into Jeremy after meeting him that night.

Fast forward to the present day and here we are, Allie and Jeremy are officially engaged and getting married. Yup, MARRIED! I met with them both this past weekend to go over a few details about their upcoming wedding and we managed to squeeze in a little mini-engagement session.   You can see they were in fact meant for each other and they both are overflowing with cuteness.  So much for not Allie not being into him after meeting him that first night. Congrats Allie and Jeremy. I’m excited to be shooting your wedding coming up in August!:-)


Happy Father’s Day

This one is not as happy as I would have liked it to be.  I just learned last night that my dad was taken to the Emergency Room as he was feeling ill. After many tests, they admitted him and he will be going in for surgery in the am. It’s not exactly how I was hoping he would be celebrating his Father’s Day. Luckily, my brother and his family were visiting him for the weekend and was with him to ensure he got the medical attention he needed. I spoke to my dad this morning, as he lay in his hospital bed. While it was nice to hear his voice, it still saddened me to know he is being hospitalized..and on Father’s Day at that. I pray for his speedy recovery and good health.  Please be sure you tell your father how much they mean to you…. give them thanks… share your love.  Life is too short and you never know when one’s time is up. Live with no regrets, only love. I hope all the other fathers in the world have a great day. Be blessed!

Here’s a pic of my dad taken at my nephew’s USMC graduation. Love you daddy…xoxo

  • Della - God Bless you, honeygirl……

The travelling family… Julianne, Doug and Donovan

He’s a financial planner…she’s a doctor and together…they made baby Donovan; this cute big blue-eyed adorable baby boy. This family / baby photo session took months in the making. Literally.  Julianne and Doug (and baby Donovan) do a lot of traveling, so getting this photo session locked in on a date that worked for all of us was a bit challenging.A After many calls,emails, voicemails and text messages, we finally locked in a date this past Sunday.  The Solorzano family was actually vacationing in Las Vegas this past weekend, and returned early this past Sunday specifically for this photo shoot. Yup, a weekend in Vegas…followed by a family photography session in Century City! Needless to say, little Donovan was a little tired; but we did manage to capture his personality and great smile.  We started on his bed in his nursery and then headed out to the front yard. See the adorable family below…

  • Della - what great pictures, and what an adorable baby, so precious.

Michael got shoes!

Little Michael  is growing up and growing up fast! Check out  his 4 month old baby pics… This little slugger is quite the cutie and his looks are really starting to evolve.  While he isn’t strong enough to hold himself up just yet, this boy has got some muscles!  We started this infant photo session right after one of his naps, which was followed by a bottle and then a few smiles and lots of fun.  He was sporting some cool hair and cool shoes… a must for all future studs. This is part of my baby’s first collection… A favorite among parents who want to document the first year of their child’s life. These photos were taken back in April, so his next round of photos will be coming up soon. Stay tuned! You can see his newborn session by clicking here.

  • Barbara Yasuhara - WOW! He is so cute and kinda big for 4 months! Love it! I have a shoot coming up of a 3 month old, you’re inspiring me again……:O) Great pics!

A day to remember those fallen soliders

Memorial Day is a day that commemorates all U.S. Service Members who died while in the military service. A day to recognize the fallen victims. My father, brothers and nephew have served in the United States Marine Corps, so I have a special place for those who have served our country. I know many people look at Memorial Day as the kick off to summer or a great day to go camping. But… let us remember the meaning of the holiday and let us give thanks to those who serve the good ol’ U.S.A. Also, let us pray for those families who have lost a loved one during their service. My heart and prayers are with you. l I took these photographs last year when I was in Santa Monica, so the while the numbers may not be accurate to date; I felt it was appropriate to post them today. Happy Memorial Day everyone.