• Aloha and welcome to the blog

    This is supposed to be where you can keep up with some of my latest work and see images and projects I am working on. However, I need to improve on keeping this blog somewhat current. Sometimes it looks like my blog is withering off to Never Never Land. Posting images and writing blog content is NOT one of my strengths, so please forgive me for not keeping you all up to date. I am often in Honolulu and Los Angeles shooting for some amazing people, pets and organizations. Feel free to shoot me an email at 105,110,102,111,64,103,97,121,108,97,101,108,105,122,97,98,101,116,104,46,99,111,109,46.moc.htebazilealyag@ofni

    I love the artistry of photography and am ridiculously attracted to images that speak volumes with no text. I've photographed celebrities, entrepreneurs, artists, products, food, real estate, moms, dads, brides, grooms, babies, pets and more. If it exists, I will shoot it. Follow this blog for a mix of everything and feel free to visit my portfolio on the "official" photography site www.GaylaElizabeth.com.

Yes, today is August 18th, a very special day for me. Since this was the day my mother was brought into this world years ago, it has been marked a day that I look at with joy and happiness.  My mother is an asthmatic that has seen her fair share of hospitals and ambulances. Back in 1997, over 12 years ago, she suffered from a massive asthma attack that put her in the Intensive Care Unit. Unable to breathe on her own, she was non responsive and in a coma. I was told to fly home back to Hawaii and “pay my respects” to her before she was taken away from us. This was such a hard and difficult time for me. I remember being “lost” with the idea that my mother can be ripped away from me. I was dazed as I sat at the Airport awaiting my long 5 hour flight to see her. When I first arrived at the Honolulu International Airport, I was driven straight to Straub Hospital, where I was escorted into ICU to see my mother. My heart stopped for a few seconds and my stomach fell to the ground when I turned the corner to see my mother connected to machines and tubes. I immediately went up to her with tears in my eyes to try and “wake” her, thinking my voice would snap her back. I was wrong.

I stayed there for 8 days by her bedside, only leaving between Six and Eight AM and PM. This was when ICU was being treated and no visitors were allowed with any patients.  So, I was with her for 20 hours a day, for 8 days straight. Her doctor informed my brother and I that we needed to make a decision because she was not progressing. I remember my body going numb and falling into my brother’s arms when she mentioned that. How could she even suggest we think about “MAKING A DECISION”. They wanted to take her off of all the machines that were breathing for her, since she was not able to do so on her own. She gave us 2 more days to discuss it. She said there was not going to be any quality of life. My brother and I went into heavy prayer, hugged and talked to my mother, telling her we needed her. As I lay on the bottom of her bed and my brother holding her hand next to her, she suddenly opened her eyes. That was the best day of my life.  The emotions that ran through my body that afternoon was unlike anything I have every felt before. Because she was in a coma for so long, she had to do physical therapy to relearn some of the things we all take for granted. It was challenging for her, but she soon regained all of her skills and has been strong as an ox ever since. She is now living in Hawaii, still working hard as a CNA and caregiver. She travels and visits my brother and I here in Cali frequently. It’s amazing.

12 years ago, in the summer of 1997, I almost lost my mother. I am so lucky and THANKFUL that I can still celebrate it with her. While I’m not back in Hawaii with her this year, I called at 12:03 last night to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Her response to me was, ” the more birthday’s I have, the longer I live”.  What a great day today is. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and my mother is celebrating her birthday today.:-)  No photos on this post, because this is just a simple, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I’ll be going out to dinner tonight to CELEBRATE!:-)


Meet Jamie, Jesse, Lilly and Violet.  This family of four decided to go with a home/park session, which means fun, fun, fun!  We started out shooting at the house, where the girls got to relax and have some fun and get used to the whole camera thing!:-) After playing… and shooting for a little, we headed up to the park, where we had the best weather with a warm summer breeze. As the sun began to set over the Hollywood Hills, we were blessed with an incredible sunset and amazing clouds that filled the sky on this warm July afternoon. Baby sister Violet was the highlight of the shoot, as she kept me on  the ball running after her! It was fun. Enjoy!









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You may recognize Ms. Tammi Mac from one of many media/entertainment sources since she is an Actor, Producer, Writer and Disc Jockey. When she’s not in front of the cameras doing her thing, she’s in the studio, hosting the “Mac in a Box” show on LA’s very own KJLH 103.1 Mon-Fri 7:00pm- 12:00am. She’s one cool chic.:-)Now, let’s talk about Jackson. He too is a DJ in Memphis at WRBO 103.5.  Yes, I did say Memphis, as in Memphis, Tennessee.

Tammi and Jackson first met when they were hosting a radio show in Tennessee at Power 97 over 9 years ago. Tammi’s career took her to LA and Jackson stayed in Memphis hosting his late morning show to all the beloved Memphis fans. Since they became an item, these two “jocks” have managed to keep a healthy and beautiful relationship despite the near 2,000 mile separation. This not only means spending lots of time in the air traveling to each other; it also means: lots of cell phone minutes, lots of webcam chatting and lots of emails. But, these two got it covered!  And, the result….one rock solid relationship.

These two are officially “engaged” and will be getting married in February. Jackson flew in for this engagement session and we made a day of it. We started off at the studio Tammi broadcasts out of and worked our way around LA and finished off in Hollywood.  After spending the day with both, I see how strong of a relationship these two have and think they are a great couple. I love how real their relationship is and thought it was fun to hang out with these two DJs. I had a blast.







  • Michelle - Absolutely love your work!

  • chad - Great engagement photos.

Photography is one of those industries that are filled with professionals, hobbyists and amateurs. I mean almost everyone owns a camera of some sort,  young and old. They’ve been around forever and will always be around. While I have been involved with photography for many years, I never thought technology would be so advanced to engulf our population with the ability to easily shoot pictures.  I love it. I think its great that people are able to document and snap images, post them online and share with family and friends across the globe.  I mean who ever thought a cell phone would have a camera? LOL. Let’s face it, we all love photos, whether it’s just a quirky snapshot or a family snapshot, it’s great. 

Despite the technology advances that have changed the way us professionals conduct business, people still need professional photos. Whether it’s for an event, like a birthday, a wedding or any other celebration OR just to add to the family scrapbook or to display in the homes.  My photography is different. It’s refreshing. I like to describe it as Photography that is real, fresh and unique.  There are a ton of photographers out there and new ones popping up everyday.  Next time you need some photos taken, please consider Gayla Elizabeth for your next shoot. I’ll capture and create images that are filled with emotion, images that will simply take your breath away. I love what I do.  Let’s create a masterpiece together!

Think she’s got a shot at being a photographer?  She’s got a good handle on that camera and look at the fierce determination in her face! But, slight problem, she has the wrong eye closed! LOL 1777PINIMAGE

  • Raquel - I think you have some serious competition. : )

  • Michelle - It looks like she’s smashing that camera on her face. Funny.

As I sat and watched the Michael Jackson memorial at the Staples Center this morning, I found myself reflecting back on my life and my childhood growing up with Michael Jackson and his music.   I first became a fan of Michael when I was in elementary school and Thriller was the top selling album.  I remember hearing his music prior to that from my family, songs with the Jackson 5, songs from Off the Wall,but I, myself, became a fan when Thriller came out.  Through the years, I’ve grown to love all his music, even those songs that were hits before I was born.  These include songs from little Mikey at age 10; ABC, I’ll be there, Ben, Got to be there, Dancing Machine…Rock with you, girlfriend, don’t stop till you get enough, working day and night, the list goes on and on.  My love for his music continued through the years and grew with his superstar performances and routines.  There was something magical about him.  I loved and still love all of Michael Jackson’s music. If you listen carefully to his lyrics, you will see the pain he suffered in his life, you will hear the good he wanted and you’ll realize how he wanted to change the world. And, to a certain degree, he did just that… changed the world.  He was a true gift.

My life is time stamped with Michael’s music. His music helped me through some difficult times in my life and MJ always made it better.  There was something magical about his music, his presence, his incredible talent, his calming soul.   He was a true talent; songwriter, singer, dancer and performer.  But, it didn’t stop there.  His heart was filed with gold, the charities he helped, the funds he gave, the children he cared for…his intentions were sincere, but often ridiculed. The media tore him to shreds… shame on all those who tried so hard to knock down a man with such greatness. I can say so much about him, but don’t want to ramble on. His global popularity speaks volumes. There never was ONE star to be so internationally loved and admired. Millions and millions of people across the globe, black and white, of all colors, all races, all ages; young and old knew of this International Superstar. He was MICHAEL JACKSON.

Today’s memorial was well done. Magic Johnson’s speech was heart felt, Brooke Shield’s words were touching, Usher’s performance moving. His daughter Paris’ ending words were so sad, but a reminder that he was more than the entertainer and performer we’ve grown to love. He was a brother, a son, a friend and most importantly, a father. It brought tears to my eyes to hear that little girl’s voice crying about her daddy. You couldn’t help but feel the pain that was obviously being felt by his immediate family, especially his mother; as everyone went to her and offered words of comfort.  We lost an icon, she lost her son. Something a mother should never have to do.  It’s a shame his life ended so abruptly. It’s a shame the media tortured him and portrayed him as someone he was NOT. He was the greatest entertainer of all time and I hope he is watching down amongst all of us and realizes just how much he was loved.

I was lucky enough to sign his memorial wall at the Staples center and took part of many of the events over the last 10 days. His memorial is over and now let’s remember the King of Pop and hold on to our own memories of this talented and gifted artist, Michael Joseph Jackson.  He is free at last, but his legacy will live on…





  • Stacy - What a heartfelt and touching memorial to celebrate M.J.’s life.