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284PINIMAGE 295-bPINIMAGE 3191PINIMAGE 301PINIMAGE 2851PINIMAGEWhile I posted about the Treen family session, I intentionally left some members of the family out of the post, so I could give them their “own” post. Yes, it’s the four-legged family members. Marley, Gracie and little Jada. Two Golden Retrievers and a little Chihuahua mix. These little pups are just so adorable, all three of them. As you know, I love dogs, so I thought they deserved a slot all to themselves. Yes, DOGS RULE:-)Here they are…. 281PINIMAGE

  • Raquel - oh my god. i love these dogs.

  • devin - you really captured the personalities of these dogs.

  • rhonda - Too cute!!!

  • Jenny - Dog Rules !! I have two little Maltese at home, and they are the most loving thing ! Your pet photos rocks Gayla!

  • gayla - Thanks Jenny. I’m a dog lover. I could shoot them all day long! :-) What’s the names of your Maltese?

  • Lucia - So cute!!!!

Here’s the story with the Treen’s. Lisa and Dave just celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary last week. [applause]. Their oldest son Andrew is a personal trainer at LA’s finest fitness gym EQUINOX , the middle son Alex is going to Culinary school to become a chef and their youngest, Katie just went off to college at San Jose State University.  That is the Treen’s; then there is Haylee, Andrew’s girlfriend of 4 years. While Haylee may not be an official TREEN, she is definitely part of the family.:-) Katie happened to be in town for the weekend, so we snapped some photos of the family and had a great time. 19-143PINIMAGE



28-110-PINIMAGE 30-0165-PINIMAGE






  • devin - cool family session.

  • rhonda - what a nice looking family. Looks like you guys had fun.

Dancing has always been one of those things I loved. I think it has to do with the expression of your emotions and the creativity one brings when dancing.  The steps, the moves and the feelings involved in dancing captivates me. It’s one of those things that draws me in and I often find myself watching dancing shows, movies, concerts, and performances, just because I appreciate the artistry of it.  Modern dance is a style that comes from a dancer’s emotions and interpretations that actually deliberates the use of gravity. These dancers use their natural instincts and impulses and release their inner feelings into an outer expression. Haylee, originally from Texas, now resides here in Southern California and is a dancer, choreographer and instructor for modern dance. We shot some pictures of her dancing a few weeks back. Take a look….











Wanna know what tough is?  Check out Stuntwoman – Dana Stein, daughter to one of Hollywood’s top stunt Gurus, Ronnie Stein. Obviously, being in the stunt biz, means you better be in shape and have a kick ass body, which she does. She has a body that we’d all kill for… abs and shoulders that are crazy cool.:-)She’s been doing stunts for years and has some impressive credits on her resume.  Our session was held at Body Image Personal Fitness Center in North Hollywood a few weeks back. We shot images of her training session; hitting the pads with some power punches and combinations, followed by some kick boxing.  We were sweating by the time we were done. Okay, she was sweating a little more than I was :-).  Take a look at these shots and see how fierce she is. She rocks! 0061-PINIMAGE









  • mike - These shots are awesome. Great job!

  • rhonda - Wow she has great abs. I love the dramatic lighting in these shots.

Yes, my man and my protector just turned 10 today or 70 for those of you counting in doggie years.  The number NINE is said to bring good luck, so when I found out my puppy was born on 9/9/99, I knew that this little guy, who was all of 10lbs when I first got him, would be a great dog. And, I was right. 10 years have passed and he has been the coolest, sweetest, most lovable dog that EVERYONE adores.

I have been so busy with many projects going on that time has been just whizzing on by. But, today, my son turns 10 today,  so I had to make it to THREE DOG BAKERY for a cake. And, while it was tight and a bit of a challenge to get there before closing, I did manage to get there in time. BUT, they were sold out of cakes. :-(. This meant, I had to resort to getting a bunch of doggie pastries instead. The final spread included: 1 WOOF peanut butter cup, 1 paw cookie, 1 bone cookie, 1 puff tart, 1 boxer brownie and 2 scaredy cat cookies.

I had a 7:00 meeting which I quickly attended so I could get home early to Rambo. After dinner, we did the whole photo routine, which my dogs are accustomed to and trained for.  I line up all the goodies, they sit and wait while I take the pictures. Then, when they finally get the OK to eat, they get a little smash in the face! It’s so much fun.

Here are some pics of my Rambo, the coolest Rottweiler EVER! 0598-PINIMAGE 0619-PINIMAGE 0645-PINIMAGE 0623-PINIMAGE 0604PINIMAGE 0624-PINIMAGE 0634-PINIMAGE 691-PINIMAGE

  • holly - Lol. I love your work!! Hope Rambo had a great birthday.