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They both wanted to venture to downtown Los Angeles and shoot their engagement photos there since they both love the feel and history of the station. In fact, before graduating from USC in Print Journalism, Jessica used to travel via train to UC Riverside for her undergrad studies, so there was a little history there! It’s always great to shoot at the famous Los Angeles Union Station! We ventured around the station and got some great photographs of the two just being themselves. It was rather hot that day, so we tried our best to stay indoors!:-)

Both will be getting married this October, so stay tuned for the wedding pics.



  • J - Never been to the Union Station. Thanks for the brief tour :-)

  • lisa - What an adorable couple!! I never get tired of seeing Union Station shots. I just love the look and feel of the place. Can’t wait to see the wedding pics in October. : )

  • Laura - Hi Gayla, I’m Laura, Jessica’s auntie. The pictures are beautiful, I’ve seen your work before and love the way you cancommunicate so much with your camera!

  • Ashley - What beautiful backdrops!

  • Laurie - Gayla,

    These photos are just beautiful. Your photography just keeps getting better and better if thats possible.

So, maybe it wasn’t white, yellow or buttered, but it was Popcorn. As I drove home I saw his silhouette nearing the middle of the street. It looked like a cat at first glance, but upon getting closer, I noticed it was a dog wandering aimlessly. He looked somewhat frightened and a bit scared, so I quickly pulled over and called him to me.  As he crouched to me, I saw a dog tag with a peace sign on it, I flipped it over to see his name was Popcorn. How adorable is that? There was a phone number listed, so I quickly called, only to get a voicemail. I left a message and decided to take him home until I heard back from his parents.

Once he got into my front yard, he just crawled and sat right next to me. He was a little shy and frightened, but as I played with his fuzzy little ears, he began to relax calm down. I’m not sure what breed he was, but he may have some Schnauzer or Terrier.  What ever his breed was, he was the cutest guy. Being that I love dogs and I am a photographer, what did I do? Run inside to get my camera to get some shots of him. :-).  He quickly got comfortable on my grass and I went into photographer mode to get some pics as he posed for me. Yes, he posed for me and crossed his little paws too. He spent about 20 minutes with me until his mommy called looking for him. I was tempted to keep him and if I didn’t hear back from anyone, Bailey and Rambo would have a new adopted brother!  I found out he lives down my street and was rescued 1 month ago. As I carried him home, I was happy he found his parents, but knew I would miss him. I found out that he is about 2 yrs old and was just rescued 1 month ago.  So long Popcorn…see you around the neighborhood. Happy trails to you.:-)


  • J - Popcorn does look a bit like my sister’s mini Schnauzer.

  • irene - Popcorn is the cutest thing! Beautiful pictures….. So nice of you to return him to his Mommy!

  • lisa - I never thought Popcorn could look so cute!! LOL. He looks like a fluffy stuffed animal and i just want to hug him. : ) I’m glad he found his way home… this poor dog seems like he’s been through a lot in his 2 years.

  • Sandras - I LOVE POPCORN!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for being such a wonderful person!!!!!!!!
    I hope many good karma comes back to you, many times over!

  • robin - awe my honey girl, aka: best cousin in the world, best daughter, sister and aunty in the world…, and now best pet finder in the world!!! You’re a true HER-O!!!

  • Gwenn - Such a sweet story and I am truly glad he found his home. Beautiful pictures.

Since my yellow labrador Bailey turned 13 on Thursday,  I decided to have her birthday party this past Saturday so I could have family and friends come over for the celebration. My preparation started Friday with a trip to my local THREE DOG BAKERY in Sherman Oaks, CA to special order her very own doggie birthday cake.  Besides having the cutest pastries and snacks for dogs, they also have a nice selection of toys, collars, dishes, clothes, beds and more.  Be sure to check them out if you are looking for some cool things for your doggie. They even have beer for dogs!  You can visit their website www.threedog.com by clicking here.  If you are interested in getting a cake, be sure to pre-order it since they often sell out of pre-made cakes (I found that out last year for Rambo’s birthday). You can pick from various flavors, sizes and shapes.  Everything is made from 100% natural ingredients. Bailey’s cake was made with whole wheat flour and frosted with carob and peanut butter. Since I was there, I picked up a few gifts for her and her four legged guests and some party hats.

Once I had all the animal goodies in place, it was time to shop for all the human guests. I  had to feed 9 humans, so I started cooking Friday night. My niece Gaylynn was going to be visiting and she made a special request for my Kalbi in exchange for some of her homemade cupcakes. I agreed and decided to do a full Korean BBQ (since it’s also one of my favs).  My menu consisted of kalbi, kimchee hamburger, shoyu potato, mandoo, kim chee, pickled radish and rice. It was a lot of food.  As I was grilling on the BBQ, Gaylynn was making her homemade buttercream and vanilla frosting for her cupcakes.

Bailey spent the day with the family by the pool and was pretty tired by dinner time, but once I got her cake out, she was all smiles. My nieces Malia and Maile got into it with the little party whistles aka “toot toot”, and blew them all over. Then it was picture time for the birthday girl. She had her special Happy Birthday party hat on in beginning, but wanted to wear one of the human hats. So, I snapped a few with her special hat and then gave her one that matched everyone else. Once she dug into her cake, she played with my nieces and snapped more pics and then was just pooped. I mean after all, she is 91 in doggie years.  Last year she gave me a little scare (you see that post by clicking here) and I’m so thankful she is here celebrating her 13th birthday with me.  I’m so glad she had a great birthday celebration, she was so happy. Lots of smiles, licks and tail wagging.   The last shot says it all……. exhausted from pure fun. Happy Birthday Bailey….mama loves you.:-)




  • J - Wow, Bailey even shared her cake with Rambo!

  • lisa - i think Bailey had a wonderful b-day party. She looked so exhausted at the end of the night. : )

  • Pet Guy - Great photos – love the b-day dog bone!

  • gaylynn - i had a great night with everyone. happy bday again to blondie girl!! you make my cupcakes look delish. love you & miss you!!!!

  • Michelle - Oh my god… I love these pics. Your dogs are so cute and well behaved. And the two little ones are just adorable.

  • mommy - I love all the pictures, I am having a hard time picking one up, so I kinda want em
    all, (is that asking to much) but anyway, my favorite of the girls is the one with Maile putting her head on rambo and Malia standing up, also the color one too (man I cannot make up my mind, I love em all) but I do want the one of Rambo & Bailey together by themselves w/hats on. Gads, you are an exception, really an extraordinary photographer, one can see the professional shots, I am so proud of u. You are
    G O O D .

  • Camille Edwards - As always such beautiful pictures that you take!!!!

  • irene - Wonderful beautiful pics! You know what, though? We forgot to sing Happy birthday to Bailey….

  • irene - Beautiful…but we forgot to sing Happy Birthday to Bailey!

  • Barbara Yasuhara - OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! What is it with me this morning!? I am so emotional! Here I am again touched beyond belief! Bailey is absolutely stunning! I love the cake and all the food shots, but most of all I love Bailey’s end of the day pic, again worth a million bucks! I am so glad she’s still with you at 91! WOOF WOOF! I am dying to have Cozy invited to a pup party, but they just don’t do them here in North Calif! Love these photos!

I shot this engagement session of Jessica and Luis a couple weeks back. While I have their photo session edited and ready to go, they have not yet seen their private preview screening, so I can only post a teaser. 😉 I’ll be seeing them next week and once I do, I’ll post more from this session including the details of the lovely couple. For now, enjoy two photos that I chose to share.:-)


  • lisa - How sweet!! They are such an adorable couple. : )

  • Jessica Selva - I love the photos, Gayla! I can’t wait to see the other ones you took of us. :)

  • Rickie - Itz so gorgeous. Que bonita!!! Aww wha a heavenly made match =] ya look so happy.

  • Michelle - I just love Union Station. You did a great job and I can’t wait to see more.

I thought I would post a few images showing how color and black & white can affect an image. Below are three images taken of the same model to show how color affects the mood of a photo. I shot all three images in color and converted them to black & white to everyone can see how different the photo looks. You can always convert a color to black & white, but can not do the opposite. I occasionally shoot black & white in camera if I know that is the look I’m going for. Why? It will make for a better exposure, less time in editing and often a better black & white image.  Black & White images are so classic and timeless to me. I love them, but often you need to have those vibrant colors to bring the image to life. Any hoo-hoo, here are some images for you to see and choose what you like better for yourself.  PINIMAGE PINIMAGE

  • John - What a difference from the same photo…

  • lisa - You can achieve a totally different look with this simple adjustment. I just LOVE the look and feel of a nice crisp B & w photo.

  • Michelle - Sexy Photos. Gotta love black and white… such a classic feel.

  • Barbara Yasuhara - Wow very nice I love the color images MUCHO!!! Beautiful model too!