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I take a very fun and relaxed approach with all my photography sessions, especially family and portrait sessions. Here are 5 guidelines I like to share with everyone ahead of time to ensure we get the best photos from your session.

1. Dress normal. I encourage everyone to dress how they would normally dress when going out for lunch with some friends or shopping at the mall. It means wear what your normal wear, don’t over-dress and buy fancy clothes that you wouldn’t wear on a regular day. If you are a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, wear just that. If you wanna go out and buy that new pair of True Religions, go for it. But, don’t go for the fancy formal blouse you would only wear to a business meeting.

2. Spice it up with color. ¬†Attire in solid colors work best and I love bright vibrant colors. Reds, blues, greens, yellows…. just mix it up. Try to stay clear of any loud patterns or attire that has logos on it. Try to avoid solid white clothing if possible. You will be amazed at how color can really set the mood for a photo.

3. Don’t dress like your mother. This means NO MATCHING ATTIRE. The days of matching khaki pants and white shirts are over. We don’t dress alike in real life and we should NOT dress alike in creative portraiture either. Be yourself and dress to fit your personality.

4. Leave the fake smile at home. Just be yourself and have fun. The smiles will come naturally…I promise. That means we don’t use the word “CHEESE”, unless you are bring some brie and crackers!:-)

5. Have fun. Think of it as spending a day with the family hanging out. I’m just there to capture the essence and love within your family. Don’t stress, everything will be just fine.

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