Leis at Iolani Field and Party at the Cupola Theater

Iolani School, Hawaii’s private college prep school had their high school graduation on a perfect day amongst a large crowd on campus next to St. Alban’s Chapel.  Class of 2012 excitedly walked down the aisle with diplomas in hand and made their way to Iolani Field to be greeted by friends and family for Hawaii’s traditional lei ceremony and greeting from friends and family.  Iolani’s faculty greeted the graduates with a warm steady applause as they entered the field, making for a special moment. Once I stepped on the field, I was in awe of the large crowd and was anxiously weaving my way to the G section, looking for Austin Goo and family.   There was a crazy amount of people on the field! I mean C*R*A*Z*Y. Austin had a very cool GOOBER sign, (like that of the Nestle Goober candy) that was held proudly by his older brother. He was buried in leis and had to have some removed a couple times since they were above his head at one point. I followed him around the field and captured Austin and his classmates congratulating each other. It was pretty awesome. His parents must be so proud.

A few weeks later, Austin had his graduation party at The Cupola Theatre in The Honolulu Design Center.  This was not your traditional high school graduation party. Decorated with bold red roses, cozy lounge chairs, a live 7 piece band and a very cool flip book photo station.  Flipbooks Hawaii was present allowing guests to take a series of photos that would be then put together in a very cool old school animation book for guests to keep. It’s kinda like when you would draw in the corner of your composition book back in grade school, only waaaaay cooler! The party was filled with friends and family, lots of smiles and big laughs. Good food, good friends and good family equal GOOd fun!  Congratulations Austin. I wish  you all the success in your future endeavors.:-)

Iolani Raiders graduation ceremonyPINIMAGE

Iolani Faculty and Students GraduationPINIMAGE Hawaii High School Lei GraduationPINIMAGE Graduation Lei CeremonyPINIMAGE Iolani Raider Hawaii GraduationPINIMAGE Iolani Field graduating classPINIMAGE Iolani Field High School GraduationPINIMAGE Hawaii skyline lei ceremony at IolaniPINIMAGE Hawaiian lei ceremony near WaikikiPINIMAGE Goober sign for Iolani graduate Austin GooPINIMAGE documentary lei giving ceremonyPINIMAGE

Cupola Theater decoration red rosesPINIMAGE

Stage Restaurant Hawaii food and appetizerPINIMAGE Flip book Hawaii booksPINIMAGE


flipbook hawaii props and videoPINIMAGE

facebook donPINIMAGE Angry birds costume graduation party HawaiiPINIMAGE

Cupola Theater graduation party celebrationPINIMAGE

Cupola Theater Hawaii graduation partyPINIMAGE

hawaii live band Honolulu Inspiration Design CenterPINIMAGE

Graduation party at the Cupola Theater HonoluluPINIMAGE Honolulu Design Center Inspiration Cupola TheaterPINIMAGE The Goo FamilyPINIMAGE

  • Cindy Horikawa - awesome!

  • Michael Han - Aloha Gayla,

    What a wonderful album you did on Austin’s Graduation!
    If you remember, we talked about you doing some headshots for our company- The Wedding Ring Shop.

    Let me know when your time is good.

    Keep up the great work!

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