Ekolu and family | Honolulu, Hawaii Family Portraits

Janine, Hiram and Ekolu decided to start this family session at the Honolulu Zoo in Waikiki. Little Ekolu was our official tour guide and happily showed us the ropes around the entire zoo. Once done, we decided to stop by Kapiolani Park  for a few shots of the ohana before Ekolu got to let loose and run into the ocean. Once we grabbed the mandatory family portraits, the shirt came off and he was off into the water with the biggest smile. Of course, sand is what makes the beach so fun, and yes, Ekolu got his fill of sand too! Take a peek at the images below. I love the last photo!

honolulu zoo portraitPINIMAGE

honolulu zoo petting zooPINIMAGE

honolulu zoo elephant exhibitPINIMAGE waikiki zoo petting zoo goatPINIMAGE

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  • Lovely N-HerMarine - Awasome Photoes. I miss them all…

  • Janine Place - Gayla Mahalo plenty for taking the time out to do this session with us. We had a blast. These pictures will be treasured forever. One of my favorites is the last one. “BUTTS” is what I call him, and that picture speaks for itself.

  • Keisha Silva-Roberson - Very beautiful!!!

  • Sonny Tagata - Ehhhhh kolu you handsome buggah…looks like he had great time, love the photos aunty especially the ones with all three of you… Family is truly a blessing… Miss you guys big time, but i know you guys always busy… Shootz den take care

  • Gayla Elizabeth - BTW, once my website gets back online, I will email you the link for all the proofs!

  • Charlotte Broyard Place - Thank you Gayla for making my kolohe grandson look so innocent..I must say the pictures are fabulous..

  • Hiram Kahele - Thanks Gayla

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