Life Rolls On 2nd annual Hawaii TWSA | White Plains Beach, Hi

The 2nd annual They Will Surf Again Hawaii took place today at White Plains Beach, Hawaii and it was another huge success. We had another beautiful day, despite original forecasts of rain. It was gorgeous. Pro surfers Roy Powers and Leila Hurst were on hand, along with a ton of awesome volunteers to assist with our adaptive surfers.  The day started with the sounds of the conch shell blown by Kahu; Manu Mook and followed by a beautiful prayer which set the mood for the day. Everyone was excited to hit the waves and surprised to see an endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal who decided to roll up and take a front row seat in front of the ocean as we all hit the water. And this seal was totally soaking up the rays and rolling in the sand. So cute!

The local news station; KHON 2 came out and covered the amazing event and did a story on a local boy, Tusi from Kahuku. He was on his way to college when he dove into water at Seal Beach, CA and became a quadriplegic. He has since returned to the islands and today was the first day he hit the water since his accident 11 years ago. It is such a touching story and so touching to see the support of his friends family. Incredible.

We had some great food from Lulu’s, Duke’s Waikiki and homemade chili from my mom’s kitchen. Yup, chili and rice are always a big hit at the beach. Thanks mom and Aunty Paulyne. Ono stuff:-)

Our fundraiser was held on Friday at Wahoo’s and a huge success. We had a great drawing and our grand prize was the autographed Hawaii Five-O surfboard. Our lucky winner was Lesley Wilmoth who purchased tickets online …  Congratulations Lesley!

Our fundraiser and They Will Surf Again Hawaii program was a huge success and wouldn’t be possible with the amazing volunteers and a few key sponsors:


Access Surf

Turtle Bay Resort

Hawaii 5-0

Leonard’s Bakery


Duke’s Waikiki


Smart Water

Jams World

EZ Music Center

Cookie Corner

Blue Hawaii Surf

High Status

Rainbow Drive Inn

Tanioka’s Fish Market

Samuel L. Jackson

Frank Darabont

Hawaiian Island Creations

Carosuel Candyland

Shutterbooth Hawaii

Ezekiel Hawaii

See more photos online by clicking here:


Life Rolls On Hawaii 2012PINIMAGE Kahu blessing Manu MookPINIMAGE Leila Hurst Life Rolls OnPINIMAGE Roy Powers Life Rolls OnPINIMAGE LRO volunteers HawaiiPINIMAGE They Will Surf Again 2012 HawaiiPINIMAGE Adaptive Surfing Life Rolls On Mobi ChairPINIMAGE Adaptive Surfing HawaiiPINIMAGE They Will Surf Again Adaptive SurfingPINIMAGE LRO They Will Surf Again HawaiiPINIMAGE Endangered Seal on beachPINIMAGE

Life Rolls On Mitch McEwenPINIMAGE

Life Rolls On HawaiiPINIMAGE They Will Surf Again SurfersPINIMAGE Quadriplegic Tusi from KahukuPINIMAGE LRO Volunteers HawaiiPINIMAGE White Plains Beach HawaiiPINIMAGE



odwalla protein barsPINIMAGE vitamin waterPINIMAGE

roy powers leila hurstPINIMAGE

Paralyzed adaptive surferPINIMAGE Jesse Billauer Leila HurstPINIMAGE

Life Rolls On Hawaii 2012PINIMAGE


Jesse Billauer Hawaii 5-0 boardPINIMAGE Hawaii 5-0 winner of drawingPINIMAGE

  • Lesley Wilmoth - This is great! I’m so glad that the weather cooperated for you. It looks like a good time was had by all. And as excited as I am to win the surfboard, I’m even happier to have had the chance to help out such a great charity. The smiles say it all, I think.

  • Grace Kosaka - Wow! Lots of Fun? Yeah? Next time I go! Enjoyed the Pictures.

  • Gayla Elizabeth - Congratulations Lesley. I will be in touch with details about shipping the board. UPS is emailing me the detailed info. Mahalo for your support. Life Rolls On! :-)

  • Susi Johnston - this so totally rocks! and I’m tickled bright pink to see so many great piccies of my old pal spike, looking happier than a clam!

  • Michael Hylton - What a blast for all! I can feel the aloha spirit from several thousand miles away. Mahalo nui loa for share pix!

  • Darlene Poole Sanders - congrads on winning the board, you are very blessed, much love and aloha.

  • Darlene Poole Sanders - also, thanks for the great pictures, it looks like it was a blast, wish I could of been there, my mom and I are going to hawaii in sept, aloha.

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