A day to remember those fallen soliders

Memorial Day is a day that commemorates all U.S. Service Members who died while in the military service. A day to recognize the fallen victims. My father, brothers and nephew have served in the United States Marine Corps, so I have a special place for those who have served our country. I know many people look at Memorial Day as the kick off to summer or a great day to go camping. But… let us remember the meaning of the holiday and let us give thanks to those who serve the good ol’ U.S.A. Also, let us pray for those families who have lost a loved one during their service. My heart and prayers are with you. l I took these photographs last year when I was in Santa Monica, so the while the numbers may not be accurate to date; I felt it was appropriate to post them today. Happy Memorial Day everyone.

america in iraqPINIMAGE us troops killed in iraqPINIMAGE military remembrancePINIMAGE united states military in iraq warPINIMAGE US troops kiled wounded injured in iraqPINIMAGE united states armed forces crossPINIMAGE military boots and tribute to dead solidersPINIMAGE child writing about warPINIMAGE


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