Oprah tells you how important photos are!

Oprah Winfrey is another one of my heroes. This woman is beyond amazing.  She didn’t have much growing up, but proved to the world what determination, positive thinking, drive and smarts can do. She proves that anything is possible and you can control the outcome of your life. I mean look at what she has done in her life. INCREDIBLE!. She inspires me beyond belief.  I use my DVR to record The Oprah Winfrey Show and watch it late at night when time permits. Her programming is so solid and top notch, it’s incredibly stimulating.  I love this quote by Oprah: ” You are defined by the choices you make everyday to be happy AND to GIVE happiness”.

In the video below from oprah.com, you will see her say how important photos are! This goes to show you the value and impact of photography. Listen to her say how important photographs are to her and the value they hold over her expensive artwork!

This is her farewell season, so be sure to tune in… only 29 shows left!

See the video by clicking here:



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