Little Michael

Michael Anthony made his appearance to the world back in December. This little slugger is a mere 10 days old when he did his very first photo shoot and I must say, he was fully of expressions. He sported a darling little Los Angeles Dodger beanie with these two pom poms that were to die for. He slept for most of the session and woke up for brief moments and went right back to sleep.  He even gave me a very adorable “smile” when he was dreaming. He managed to sneak in a few screams, before heading back into la-la land. zzzzzzzz. This is part of my BABY’S FIRST collection which documents the baby’s first year of life. You can see the first post when he was in his mama’s tummy by clicking here. Stay tuned for his next batch of photos!:-)

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  • Tessa - Little Michael has so many cute faces. I love these adorable pics. : )

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