Kaylynn + Jon | Couple Photography | Honolulu, Hawaii

Kaylynn and Jon have been an item for about 2 years now and wanted a photo session together as a couple. They are not officially “engaged”, so this is technically just a basic couple photography session, the only difference is she doesn’t have a ring on her finger. (wink, wink). Both of them work at Ala Moana Shopping Center; Kaylynn works at Victoria’s Secret and Jon works at the plush club Pearl, so it was the perfect backdrop to do this photo session.  Not to mention we had a few tears from mother nature, so we could run for cover if we needed to! As a photographer, I love to look for different backdrops and colors, so we just walked around and grabbed some images throughout the shopping center as we strolled by. Our first stop was Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and we eventually made it to one of my favs… Louis Vuitton.

Kaylynn + Jon | Engagement Photography | Honolulu, Hi from Gayla Elizabeth on Vimeo.

  • Camille Edwards - You did such a beautiful job with this nice looking couple! Love It!!!

  • lisa - They look like their having so much fun! I love that everything looks so natural and happy. : )

  • Jennifer - Sooooo Beautiful!! I love how you captured the moment in each photograph.

  • KayLynn - I love them!!! We look so natural and like we are having fun! So beautiful that you would not even thin we’re at the mall!! LOVE IT!! ;)

  • rose aura - you have a way of photographing people that is so lovely and natural. great job!

  • rose aura - you%20have%20a%20way%20of%20photographing%20people%20that%20is%20so%20lovely%20and%20natural.%20%20%20great%20job!

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