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Inspiration Monday is here again. I found out about Dick Hoyt’s story while watching Real Sports on HBO.  This man is a true inspiration and probably the father of the century. His dedication and love for his son is so beautiful that I had to do a post about him. I look at Dick Hoyt in awe and true admiration. I see a REAL man, who is NOT defined by his strength, good looks or his ego like many men. Instead, this man’s heart, soul and love for his son is one word… beautiful.  Dick’s son Rick was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth after his umbilical cord became twisted around his neck. Doctors advised Dick and his wife to have their son institutionalized, stating he would  have no quality of life and would only be a “vegetable”. That was over 45 years ago. Dick said even though his son Rick couldn’t move or speak, Rick would in fact speak to him with his eyes. They spent hours a day teaching him the alphabet, then every object in their house. At age 11, Rick was fitted with a computer that allowed him to communicate with others and he was then able to attend public school and eventually graduated from Boston University in 1993.

In 1977, 15 year old Rick wanted to participate in a 5 mile run for a lacrosse player who had been paralyzed.  Dick was not a runner, but pushed his son for the 5 mile benefit run. That night Rick said: “Dad, when I’m running, it feels like my disabilities disappear.”  That was it.  Dick made it his new goal to train and race as much as possible with son Rick.  Today father and son are known as TEAM HOYT and have since completed over 1000 races since 1977.

I sat and watched the story of this incredible man. His courage, strength, determination and love for his son is so admirable. Really.  It was another reminder of the importance of a father’s love.  It also reminds me of how lucky Rick is to have such a solid staple in his life and how blessed he is to have a father who has by far lived up to the title. I wish there were more men who lived up to being a father like Dick Hoyt. This is what a real father does… put his child first and sacrifice to make your child happy. Both of these men inspire me.

Dick has since gone on to help other disabled individuals and has started a bit of a movement to those who can’t compete on their own.  To find out more about this amazing father son duo, see their official site by by clicking here.


  • Mommy - Absolutely touching, inspirational, and true – true – true, by putting your child first in your life and give him L O V E

  • Laurie Stokes - Incredible story……I cried. There are really fathers like that out there. It’s hard to believe.

  • rose aura - Thank you so much for sharing this incredible story. I cried during your beautiful description and lost it while watching the video. You, my dear friend, are an inspiration too. Thank you so much for your big heart and warmth. So grateful to have met you. xoxoxo!

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