Happy Thanksgiving!

A day to celebrate, relax and be with family and lots of food! We all have so much to be thankful for and I wish everyone out there a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am especially thankful for my loved ones, my health and those that have made a difference in my life. I am spending this year’s Thanksgiving with family in Vegas! Woot…. Yup, family, food, relaxation and casino gaming… HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL! xoxo


  • J - “Family, food, relaxation and casino gaming” are guarantee wining combination!

  • Mommy - Ditto…. Family, friends, and everyone, so much to be thankful for, and my baby is having her day in good ole Vegas, I love you my precious angel, and I love my precious niece Lisa too, Bailey, Rambo, and tu-tu Keani……Granny

  • Mommy - Ditto….%20%20Family%2C%20friends%2C%20and%20everyone%2C%20so%20much%20to%20be%20thankful%20for%2C%20and%20my%20baby%20is%20having%20her%20day%20in%20good%20ole%20Vegas%2C%20%20%20I%20love%20you%20my%20precious%20angel%2C%20and%20I%20love%20my%20precious%20niece%20Lisa%20too%2C%20Bailey%2C%20Rambo%2C%20and%20tu-tu%20Keani……Granny

  • Anonymous - You guys look so good… I’m so proud to be a part of your family.. It’s caridad.. Your cousin.. Tell the family I send my love! I need tips on how My baby can get into acting? My #646 287- 5908.

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