Proof books by Gayla Elizabeth Photography

There are many options to view your photos from your wedding and while online proofs are a great way to share with friends and loved ones, often it makes it easier to look at your proofs in hand vs on a monitor. Especially when trying to pick your favorites and album selects. Going through hundreds and hundreds of images online can often be a little tedious and overwhelming.  It is for this reason I offer custom bound proof books for my clients.  While I also offer online proofs through my website, proof books have become increasingly popular amongst my newlyweds. All images are printed and bounded beautifully in a custom hard cover and meant to last. It’s a great way to reference images, compare images, and quickly see multiple images at once… all while you are lying in bed or drinking your coffee in the morning.

Proof books are highly recommended to ALL clients as it makes designing albums much easier. Often, album design is near to impossible without one!

Some of my wedding collections include a proof book, however, it can also be purchased ala carte if desired!


  • Michelle - What a great way to view your entire photo session. It’s a lot easier on the eyes than viewing and scrolling down the computer screen.

  • Del - Terrific….

  • Andrea - Love this idea!! It’s convenient and beautiful all in one package.

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