Halloween…yet no dress up :-(

Yup, no dress up for me this year. Halloween is just one of those “holidays” that I consider a blast and I look forward to it every year. I love the costumes, the candy, and all the other ghoulish things.  Normally, I decorate the house, setup a few of my “tricks”, bring out the fog machine,  dress up and randomly scare trick or treaters as they stroll up my driveway.  Every year I put a prime rib in the oven and have friends over to celebrate the night. Since I’ve been so busy with various projects over the last few weeks,  I had no time to setup, get a costume or do the Halloween thing, but I did manage to have a couple friends over and still make my traditional prime rib dinner.:-)After we ate, we took a stroll through my neighborhood and walked amongst the trick or treaters on our festive streets. My neighborhood is a great halloween area, lots of people drive in and flood the streets. One house in my neighborhood setup a grave yard; Barker’s Graveyard was filled with movie set lights, tombstones, skeletons, sound effects and all. Trick or treaters lined up around the block to walk through the graveyard and caused quite the backup. The local Police Dept actually had to block off the street to allow for the crowd, since it was flooded with people.  We walked around for over and hour and came back to eat dessert. My friends came witha guava, lilikoi, passion fruit chiffon cake from Kings Hawaiian Bakery in Torrance and boy was that yummers. You gotta love friends that come with food!:-)I hope everyone had a great Halloween and next year… I’ll be ready!


  • Yea Ai Kea - Holy smokes, that is what u call holloweeen…..Yup, “Earl” didn’t walk the streets this year (u gonna get paid back yet)
    Great pictures at nite, u must have an awesome super fantastic camera to get those
    shots, clear as a bell…… and that cake,hmmmmmm.

  • gaylynn - awww me & you both. i didnt dress up or go out :(
    thats alright next year we’ll make up for it and go to universal studios halloween horror nights! love the pictures. it really makes you feel the halloween spirit =]

  • RevTek Hawaii Staff - Photos look SPOOK-tacular! =)

  • J - Wonder if they still have that big fish tank at Kings Hawaiian Bakery…. BTW, are you planning to share some more pictures of your tank at home?

  • Michelle - I’d love to walk around your neighborhood during Halloween. It seems like everyone really gets into it. I can imagine how festive it will be next month…. hope to see some pics.

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