I saw Popcorn on the street!

So, maybe it wasn’t white, yellow or buttered, but it was Popcorn. As I drove home I saw his silhouette nearing the middle of the street. It looked like a cat at first glance, but upon getting closer, I noticed it was a dog wandering aimlessly. He looked somewhat frightened and a bit scared, so I quickly pulled over and called him to me.  As he crouched to me, I saw a dog tag with a peace sign on it, I flipped it over to see his name was Popcorn. How adorable is that? There was a phone number listed, so I quickly called, only to get a voicemail. I left a message and decided to take him home until I heard back from his parents.

Once he got into my front yard, he just crawled and sat right next to me. He was a little shy and frightened, but as I played with his fuzzy little ears, he began to relax calm down. I’m not sure what breed he was, but he may have some Schnauzer or Terrier.  What ever his breed was, he was the cutest guy. Being that I love dogs and I am a photographer, what did I do? Run inside to get my camera to get some shots of him. :-).  He quickly got comfortable on my grass and I went into photographer mode to get some pics as he posed for me. Yes, he posed for me and crossed his little paws too. He spent about 20 minutes with me until his mommy called looking for him. I was tempted to keep him and if I didn’t hear back from anyone, Bailey and Rambo would have a new adopted brother!  I found out he lives down my street and was rescued 1 month ago. As I carried him home, I was happy he found his parents, but knew I would miss him. I found out that he is about 2 yrs old and was just rescued 1 month ago.  So long Popcorn…see you around the neighborhood. Happy trails to you.:-)


  • J - Popcorn does look a bit like my sister’s mini Schnauzer.

  • irene - Popcorn is the cutest thing! Beautiful pictures….. So nice of you to return him to his Mommy!

  • lisa - I never thought Popcorn could look so cute!! LOL. He looks like a fluffy stuffed animal and i just want to hug him. : ) I’m glad he found his way home… this poor dog seems like he’s been through a lot in his 2 years.

  • Sandras - I LOVE POPCORN!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for being such a wonderful person!!!!!!!!
    I hope many good karma comes back to you, many times over!

  • robin - awe my honey girl, aka: best cousin in the world, best daughter, sister and aunty in the world…, and now best pet finder in the world!!! You’re a true HER-O!!!

  • Gwenn - Such a sweet story and I am truly glad he found his home. Beautiful pictures.

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