Mai turns 3!

My youngest niece Maile just celebrated her 3rd birthday this past weekend.  Some of you may have seen my facebook status on April 2, 2010

Gayla Elizabeth Please pray for my little niece who is having surgery this morning. Make her well and give her strength for her 3rd birthday in a couple weeks. I love you Mai…..

Thank you to all that commented and prayed for Maile, she is such a precious gift and I was so happy to celebrate her 3rd birthday with her.  H*A*P*P*Y.  She was able to have a wonderful birthday with loved ones this past weekend at Mission Bay in San Diego, CA. My drive started a little late that morning due to a “surprise” in my swimming pool (my facebook friends saw my status :-)). For those of you who want to find me on facebook, you can do so by clicking here.

I finally  arrived with gifts and a huge teddy bear in tow (my tradition continues!). Upon my arrival, I was greeted with the biggest smile that can melt your heart in seconds from Mai. Being with my family brings me such happyness. Happyness with a Y! My brother had his boat and chauffeured everyone out for a ride, there was lots of food, a few games and good company. Despite being a little cold and windy, it was so nice to be with my nieces and nephew Christopher.  It was a very relaxing day.  By the end of the day, Mai was exhausted from the long celebration, but you could tell she felt she had a GREAT BIRTHDAY. We were there all day and headed to my brother’s home about 8pm.  I ended up staying there and spending more time with my family and enjoyed every minute of it.  I actually stayed and tucked both her and her sister Malia in bed and was able to wish them sweet dreams before I headed back in my car to drive back to LA. It’s moments like these that make my heart smile. :-). Here are a few pictures of our celebration.






  • John - Mai is surrounded by so much love!

  • Irene - Thank you for capturing so much beauty and emotion! Maile had such a wonderful day and she so deserved it!

  • Big Bro - Okay okay Sis, you do have some talent! These are beautiful and of coarse, my girls make your shots even more gorgeous BUT when will we see the other 100 shots you took? Mai and Mia as usual, were so happy to see you so don’t work so hard and come spend some time with them. Before you know it, you will be shooting their 21st birthday party!

  • mike - Looks like your niece had a nice Birthday with friends and family.

  • Momma Goose - Awe cousin…, she is so precious!!! as you said a gift from God, and oh what a blessing she is to the family. Mai was sent to do special things for those in her life…, and she will leave a legacy behind for all of those who loves her. May the Lord continue to be with her, Malia, Chris, Irene, and David…, as they journey through life together. And yes, you got skills!!! I am so very proud of you, My Love!!! Forever in my prayers! ~~~ Robin

  • Robbie Painter - Oh My Goodness!!! Thank you so much for sharing Maile’s special birthday photos. They are so wonderful and certainly capture the happiness and spirit of the day and of the special little person that she is. It was a beautiful day filled with such lovely events. You are a marvelous photographer, but an even more spectacular auntie.
    Much love
    Joyce and Robbie

  • JoAnn Hokama Inamasu - You have a special talent with capturing those special moments! Mai-Mai is so very precious and it’s great to see her enjoying her special day! Thanks for sharing the photos.

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