Oscar Winner Bill Conti and family….

Bill Conti, also winner of several Emmy Awards is a film music composer, most recognized for his original film score Gonna Fly Now, for the blockbuster movie Rocky, starring Sylvester Stallone. Yes, that famous song when Rocky is training for his big fight and conquers those stairs in Philly and jumps up and down with his arms high in the air, that one! You can listen to it by clicking here. This Oscar Award Winner and multi Emmy Award Winner has been composing music for decades to movies and TVshows that we all are familiar with including: Rocky, For Your Eyes Only, The Academy Awards,  The Karate Kid, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Dyasty and much, much more. You can check out his full resume by clicking here.

This family photo session was done in Hancock Park,CA and even though it was a very “formal” setting (I mean check out his awesome suit!), it still had my little fun flare to the session. This was just a mini-session to get a few shots for them to send out with himself, his wife and grandchildren. Short…but sweet.  His grandchildren are adorable. 3 boys from one daughter and 2 girls from the other daughter. 2 grandparents and their 5 cute grandchildren. Take a peek.


  • Irene - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family….you did a good job.

  • jenny - aww what an honor to take Bill Conti’s family portraits ! you did a wonderful job Gayla!

  • michelle - Looks like everyone had a great time. : ) I can almost hear the laughter through these pictures. Love it!!

  • mike - It must have been really cool to meet such a talented person. The family portraits turned out really good. Nice job!!

  • Louise A. Leechman - When Bill Conti was 15 years old, he and his friend George Petruff, my nephew, and several other fellows needed a place to rehearse. They started a band in North Miami High School, North Miami, Florida. I gave them permission to use my living room since I had a piano that Bill could play, as long as they left by 6PM when I came home from work. I have followed him all these years and now I am 89 and would love to be able to tell him that he started his profession in my home. I am so thrilled about that, even though he wore the finish off of my hardwood floors!!
    Would it be possible for you to pass this information on to Mr. Conti? My name at that time was Louise Jurgensen and I had two daughters, Barbara and Linda. Thank you so very much.

  • Debbie Miles - Shelby I love the pictures of you, Bill and the grands. You have a wonderful family.

  • Shelby Cox Conti - You know that YOU have a great family too. That’s makes it easy to see your children and ALL of your family and friends.
    We are blessed to have David and YOU for friends too!

  • Belinda-Linda Angell - Beautiful family!

  • Jackie Anderson - Just took a look at the wonderful pictures of your family. You and Bill are blessed. The children look like pure sunshine with their smiles and laughter. Hope to see you soon Shelby…will be in Ca. in a few weeks. Love and hugs to all. AJ

  • Mary Lewis - Shelby, these are so great. The grandchildren are adorable. I can see how proud you and Bill are of them! Wonderful.

  • Roberta Perlis - These photos are fantastic. And Shelby and Bill don’t the two of you ever age?

  • Al Barnes - WOW! I love those pictures!

  • Cloudia Rebar - Shelby! I’ll be filming in your compound this month and would love to stop by and say hello….it’s been years !! Cloudia R

  • Donna Snedeker - Was Bill’s band from high school “The Keynotes”? Just curious, as I lived in North Miami and went to Norland High School in the late fifties.

  • Pascal Dupont - Miss Gayla, je suis Français et créateur du site de Bill Conti.
    Vos photographies sont remarquables de qualité autant dans l’artistique que dans le piqué.
    C’est une belle idée d’avoir réalisé ce reportage visuel sur la famille Conti.
    C’est très intimiste et une vision très personnelle du sujet. C’est un plus pour le site de ce compositeur et un honneur de vous référencer.
    Merci pour ce très beau tableau !


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