It’s my birthday… go gayla….

All together now….. it’s your birthday, go gayla, get your grove on! haha. Yes, I have added another number to my years on earth. As the years go by, I am amazed at how much I still learn and grow each and every year. Just amazed. I’ve learned so much this past year about life & trust, family & friendships and of course business, it was revolutionary.  I am so thankful I experienced things that will make me stronger and better and so thankful that I know how to deal with certain situations that will be most beneficial in the future. I’m glad  I was able to learn these valuable things now and not years later.  I am an over-achiever and love to learn new things. I’m always trying to better myself and succeed with the goals I set. (Yes, I’m a goal setter  :-)) I regularly visit bookstores to browse and find books that will educate and give me more knowledge, since I am a strong believer that knowledge is power. So, to learn about me and life in general is priceless, especially since you won’t find any books about that at your local Barnes and Noble. This past year was just that, a learning experience about life that money can’t buy. I went through a lot of emotions over the last year, but it’s made me a stronger person and of course a smarter one. I’m excited to add another year and am anxious to see what I learn in 2010.

Any who who, I am celebrating my birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth. And, no, I’m not talking about Disneyland people.  I am talking about Viva Las Vegas baby. C’mon now, you know Vegas is the place to be. I was there last month and am dying to go back and celebrate my birthday in an environment I love. I’ll be feasting at my all time favorite steak house, Vic and Anthony’s, meeting up with family from Hawaii, relaxing, shopping and of course gambling.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Another bonus for me is the unveiling of the new iPad from Apple. My favorite company is releasing the coolest product on my birthday. Hollah people, that is awesome.

So, just wanted to give everyone an update. I’ll try to take some pics of my birthday weekend, but no promises. I just wanna have fun!

  • John - Yes, you should take a break from work and enjoy your birthday!

  • Linda - Hope you had a wonderful time in Vegas. Remember what happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas. 😉

  • gayla - Vegas was a blast. Love that place!!!!!

  • michelle - Forget Disneyland. LOL. Vegas IS the happiest place on earth for Adults. Did you hit the big one while you were in Vegas? Hope you enjoyed yourself.

  • mike - So… did you win BIG in Vegas? Hope had a blast on your B day.

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