Time to spring forward!

Yes, we lost an hour this morning. BOO. I sat at my computer and watched it go from 1:59 to 3:00am. Just like that, an hour was lost :-(. Wow, how times have changed. I remember back in the day when you had to MANUALLY adjust your clocks when daylight savings time started and ended. I even remember “forgetting” about the change in time until late in the afternoon the next day. LOL Technology has now taken over and adjusts our computers, TVs and phones accordingly, so us mortals don’t even have to worry about it. Wow.. amazing.  The best thing about daylight savings time is that our days are now “longer”, which I love. I love having the sun out at 7pm and later, just love it. So, I’ll trade that loss for that extra hour of sunlight everyday.

I’ve been playing catchup since returning from Las Vegas. I had such a great time at WPPI, it was awesome. I connected with many people, saw old friends and made some new ones. I also participated in some great classes and learned from some talented people like Cliff Mautner. I will post a few images from his workshop later this week once I get around to editing those images! Of course I got some gambling in there, I mean come on it’s Vegas! I call it my disneyland, since I think it’s the happiest place on earth. (sorry Walt! ) I had a great time as always.

I guess it’s time to welcome the spring season which means it’s going to be hiking season again! YAY… Here is a pic I took while hiking near Newport Beach.


  • John - Wow, such clear blue sky!

  • Linda - This photo looks so heavenly. Although I can’t help but think about all the pollen floating around in the air. : ) Happy Spring to you!!

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