Gayla Elizabeth dot com makeover

Well, let me start off by saying this was quite challenging for more reasons than one. While the redesign of my new website was a challenge, it was in fact completed a couple weeks ago. However,  getting it online and published correctly was a whole different story. I was in fact ready to take the site live last week and in our first attempt, we lost the old blog and all posts due to the name server change. For those of you non-technical people, name servers can big a huge pain because it takes 24-48 hours for the change to take effect. It means when you are waiting for these changes to take place, you have no website! So what happened was after waiting for the first change to take place (about 24 hours, we realized the old blog at was gone.) So, we had to switch it back, which was another 24-48 hour wait. Then Network Solutions changed it back to their name server and my site was down for about 18 hours. That also meant no email access, no website, no blog, nada. That was a bit stressful, knowing I dropped out of cyberspace for a bit. Once the site was back up, we had to yet again make the final change keeping the new site on one server, the old blog on another and my new blog on yet another. Yeah, I know, it’s complicated. It probably sounds like greek to most. When my site was up and live with no hitches, I couldn’t help but smile and let out a huge sigh of relief. WOO HOO.

Bottom line, the new website is up.  There will be some cool things added to it in the future, but I’ll be adding those as we go along. The bulk of the design and content is there so go check it out at Check out the new galleries with some updated images.  It’s a flash site, but an html version is also available and it’s iphone friendly! I have a new store that will be added soon where you can order prints, albums, DVDs and more.  It’s gonna be realllllly cool. Feel free to let me know your feedback. Like, love, dislike, hate… whatever, it is I’ll appreciate any words you all have to share. You can see the new site by clicking here.

Remember, we must all love…laugh…and smile.


  • Linda - I’ve been following your blog for a while and this is the first comment I have ever made. I just wanted to tell you that i I love the style of your new website and blog. Great job.

  • Michelle - You’re one busy lady!! I must say…… I love the new look.

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