The infamous Joe McNally

I had the privilege to see Mr. Joe McNally on his tour last week at the Convention Center.  For those of you who don’t know, Joe was the first staff photographer of LIFE magazine from 1994-1998.  His images have graced the covers of National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek and many others.  His tour was all about lighting, I mean he is the known as the King of Light!  I have never heard him speak before and I will tell you that he is not just a great commercial photographer, but also rather funny. He had the entire conference room laughing so hard at times, it was as if we were watching a stand up comic.:-)

The event was sold out and there must’ve been about 2000 photographers there. Joe had models on stage and demonstrated various lighting situations. Often using up to 15 speedlites on ONE subject. It was crazy. The day was filled with such great information that I left there feeling well satisfied.

Here are some images I snapped of this wonderful learning experience.






  • Brian Fletcher - Super jealous!!!!! That must have been awesome – Joe’s a legend!

  • joni - I can’t believe that he has all that camera gear. Crazy!!!

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