My daughter’s birthday!

Yes, Bailey, my yellow lab just had a birthday. She just turned 11, which I guess is 77 in doggie years. What do you do when your dog turns 11? You go to the Three Dog Bakery and pickup treats! I decided on the happy star, since she is my star and is always happy, yeah a little corny, but hey, she’s my baby star. I also picked up a couple doggie cup cakes for her “guests” to help her celebrate.

Look how good she is, she patiently waits for her picture to be taken before getting her star cake.

Here is her two guests and their doggie cup cakes, all three waiting for the go ahead to dig in.

Attack of the star cake

Rambo had his fill on his little cup cake, he got it all over his face, and it was just a little bite. So funny!


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